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Why your brows after micro pigmentation don’t look the

Why your brows after micro pigmentation don’t look the same as after they are healed??

It’s simply: After the treatment you see the pigment that is on surface of your skin and if the Artist did everything correct this colour will look much warmer that you wanted ( a wee bit orange/yellow). ?
Because while brows are getting healed the pigment from the surface peels off and in a few weeks our body produce new skin on that place and we see the colour NOT on the Surface but Under the skin?
Our skin works like a filter and this colour will be looks much colder that it was on the surface immediately after the treatment.?
It means that if the Artist puts pigment too deep you will get blue / cold brows as the pigment inside your skin has good natural brown colour, but we see it under skin layers soo for us it’s looks like BLUE.
P.S. This is my client straight after micropigmentation on her lips and brows?
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