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Julia Ogilvie Clinical Director

Julia Ogilvie

Clinical Director & Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner

Professional qualifications:

Registered General Nurse, Bsc, part Msc, Non Medical Independent Nurse Prescriber (since 1995), Advanced Nurse Practitioner (Acute Care Medicine). Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner.

About Julia:

I worked in the NHS for over thirty eight years and have found myself becoming more and more interested in the ageing process. Most men and women would love to keep there youth but unfortunately mother nature rules and therefore a little assistance is required at times I like to call them tweakments not treatments. This led me to upskill in anti-ageing medicine which includes bio-identical replacement therapy, advanced skincare, aesthetic medicine & medical weight management. I strongly believe that every patient has to be treated holistically.

My aim is to provide high quality low cost non surgical treatments for both men and woman within a modern and clean HIS regulated medical clinic.

Karen Park Beauty Health Aesthetics

Karen Park

Advanced Aesthetics Practitioner

I am a registered general nurse with over ten years nhs/private sector experience.

I completed my medical aesthetics training with Mr. Taimer Shoaib (consultant plastic surgeon) in 2016.  Julia the Director of Beauty Health Aesthetics is passionate about keeping up to date with current standards and relevant training, she always puts patients safety first. It was for these reasons that I joined and have continued to work within a clinic that has my values.

I joined the team in December 2016 and have been mentored by advanced nurse practitioner and owner Julia Ogilvie. Since joining BHA I have developed a particular interest in advanced skincare and treatments such as Thermavein and chemical peels. I have most recently completed dermaplaning training and have now added this to our services.

Laura Higgins

Aesthetics Practitioner

I am a qualified dental hygienist and have worked in the dental profession for over 18 years. I became passionate about facial aesthetics after observing some of the dentists I worked with and loved seeing the results. 
In October 2019 I completed my medical aesthetics training and joined the Beauty Health Aesthetics team, since then I have been developing my skills and broadening my knowledge with the assistance of my experienced colleagues.
For me, the most satisfying thing about facial aesthetics is making people look and feel good about themselves whilst still maintaining a natural look.
Hypno Liz

Liz McConnell


I trained with Quest Institute because they provided an actual accredited and verified course in both Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP, plus modules specifically related to learning, coaching, presenting etc. They were hot on research, and they were keen to acknowledge and teach techniques and models from across the therapy cannon. They built on the ethos that no one way is right for everyone. My job is to find the way that works and makes the difference for you.
I benefit from the breadth and depth of training they provided then and now as well as being able to tap into the hive mind of those practicing Cognitive Hypnotherapy all over the world. I’m here to help my clients in the quickest and most effective way for you. For some it turns out to be something completely different. And that’s OK. I’m still able to enter the world of work through training workshops, coaching new managers, supporting employees or developing well being strategies for small companies.
Online therapy and coaching are really great options and have opened opportunities I haven’t pursued before including podcasts and much more networking. But, I still love working face to face regularly and do so in Scotland, Sheffield and London.

Dannielle Punton

Beauty Therapist

Hi Everyone!! 
I’m Dannielle the Beauty Therapist and Nail Technician here at Beauty Health Aesthetics and also the owner of Nails & Beauty By Dannielle. I joined Beauty Health Aesthetics 1 year ago and have over 5 years experience in the beauty industry. I offer a wide variety of treatments from Facial’s, Waxing, Nails to more advanced treatments such as Thermavain, Mesotherapy , Chemical peels and much more! My aim is to treat every aspect of the person, that being your well being, mental health to your skin, body and just your general health to make you feel happier In your self. 
One thing my clients say a lot about me is that they never feel rushed at there appointments and feel they can talk to me about anything, and that’s what I want to put across to my clients is that when you book an appointment with me that’s your time so you can talk about anything you like from home, work life, anything at all this is your time! So if you want to fall asleep when your getting your lashes done, so be it! This is your safe place and chill time! 
I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Janice Lochrie

foot health practitioner

I am a registered foot health practitioner. After I completed training with Stonebridge College I gain more experience 
Out on the road’ with Stirling Mobile Foot Health. I am also available within BHA to carry out all your foot care treatments. My Full foot care package  (£25) would cover 
Hard Skin 
Toe nail trimming 
Ingrowing nails 
Fungal nails 
Thickened nails 
Application of soothing and moisturising creams
Kerry Cowie

Kerry Cowie

Office Administrator

Having come from a background of beauty therapy and customer services it was an easy progression to join the BHA team as receptionist and administrator
The clinic can be very busy but please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions about treatments or you would just simply like to book.
I look forward to seeing you in the clinic soon.
Savina Sabo

Savaina Sabo

Trainee Manager

Hi Everyone
I joined Beauty Health Aesthetics over a year ago. I come from a background of hair and beauty so joining this amazing team seemed like a natural progression.
My role in customer relations and administration then led me my current position of trainee manager. I am here to help you start your journey with BHA and ensure you are happy throughout your experience 
I look forward to seeing you all soon