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WOW Infusion / Facial

Our WOW Infusion/facial offers a results-driven personalised solution to help your skin complaint. It allows the practitioner to create a completely bespoke facial for you. It will improve overall skin health making you feel more confident about your skin.

Advanced Facial

Our WOW facial can be tailored to your individual needs, taking hyper-personalisation to the next level using next-generation actives and delivery systems. Following on from the initial ‘Cleanse and Prep’ stage, is ‘Peel and Treat’ which offers a choice of gentle superficial acid peels personalised to your needs, including, glycolic, citric, lactic, mandelic, pyruvic, kojic and salicylic acids, which can be used in isolation or combined to fuse a powerful solution to apply to your skin. Each treatment is designed to target a specific skin concern, whether it be acne-prone, dull and dehydrated or skin that is showing tell-tale signs of ageing.

Following on from the WOW facial is the WOW infusion. The innovative WOW Infusion device allows the practitioner to create a bespoke skincare cocktail – adding Botox to other nutritional solutions; non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, 40 different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, powerful antioxidants and other skin-loving ingredients to work on a multitude of skin conditions which are applied via the revolutionary WOW Fusion device. The innovative needling device has been expertly designed to make painless, small traumas in the skin with 20 titanium 24K gold plated 0.13mm diameter micro-needles, allowing the solutions to flow down into the epidermal/dermal junction of the skin.

Post WOW facial LED Light Therapy is then used to stimulate collagen and elastin, reducing p-acnes bacteria and improving hyperpigmentation. In the final stages, a post-procedure mask is used alongside and a multitude of skin serums and creams to not only protect but also prevent skin damage including our SPF 50.

Before & After WOW Infusion / Facial

Treatment Info

This treatment is very relaxing so be prepared for a chilled session of 60-90 mins

WOW infusion with Botox can be done every 3 months
WOW infusions without Botox can be done every 2-4 weeks

There may be slight redness following treatment. This will settle within 24hrs

Anaesthetic is not required for the 0.6 mm but a topical anaesthetic will be applied for the 1mm depth