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ThermaVein® is the gold standard for thread vein removal treatment. It is the safest, permenant treatment for telangiectasia, otherwise known as thread veins or spider veins. ThermaVein® uses a process known as thermocoagulation which seals the thread vein walls, causing them to instantly and permanently dissapear.


Once the vein is closed off, blood can no longer flow through it, which means that it can no longer been seen underneath the surface of your skin. Results are instantaneous and you may see a diffrence within 15 mins of the treamtnet.

Before & After ThermaVein

Treatment Info

Treatment typically takes less that 15mins per area treated, althoe some may require one or two top up treatments for larger areas.

A one off treatment is normally sufficient, althoe one or two treatments may be required for larger areas.

The area treated may be red, dry and skin crusting for 5-7 days. The treated veins may also go a darker colour post treatment for 5-7, however this may occasionally last longer depending on the skin condition.

Anesthetic is not required.