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Microsclerotherapy is a treatment for thread veins / spider veins which involves injecting a chemical substance into the veins. The chemical substance irritates the inner wall of the veins and causes them to become inflamed. The vein walls then stick together and the vein dissapears.

The treatment area feel slightly sore and itchy for a few days, you may also experience bruising at the multiple injection sites which resolve after a couple of weeks.

Before & After Sclerotherapy

Treatment Info

Depending on the size of the area and number of veins to be treated, the treatment can take from 20-60 mins.

We advised that you leave 6 weeks between each treatment session. Most patients will require between 1 & 4 treatment.

You will be given post treatment instructions which must be followed. You can usually go back to normal duties the following day.

Anesthetic is not required.