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Mesotherapy is a technique that is used to inject vitamins, minerals, amino acids, plant extracts and hormones in a bespoke cocktail to treat specific skin aliments, it is performed with a gun like tool which holds a fine needle which allows penetration of the chosen solution into the affected areas of the skin ensuring effective product absorption.


Mesotherapy can instantly improve skin complaints such as wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, dry/dehydrated skin, sagging skin, cellulite, fat reduction, stretch marks & hair loss.

Before & After Mesotherapy

Treatment Info

The full mesotherapy treatment takes between 30-60 mins. LED light therapy may be advised post mesotherapy as an add on for 30 mins.

The number of treatements will be advised by your practitioner depending on your skin complaint.

Here are BHA we use one of the most advanced, multifunctional automated mesotherapy guns which limits downtime for this treatment.

A numbing cream will be applied 20 mins prior to this treatment.