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Clinical Peels

Here at BHA we use medical grade chemical peels, the chemical peels solution can be applied to the face, hands, neck or body to treat the affected area. Diffrent percentages of acids are used to breakdown the top layer of the skin, they are used to improve the appearance of fine scars, treat skin complaints such as acne & improve pigmentation.

Skin Peel Stirling

Depending on your skin concern will dertermine what kind of chemical peel you need – light, medium or deep. Not every skin type is suitable for a chemical peel therefore a skin consultation is important before booking this treatment. It is important that your skin is prepped prior to a chemical peel to ensure you get the best result following the chemical peel. Your practitioner will advise skin products to prep your skin at your skin consultation.

Before & After Clinical Peels

Treatment Info

Full treatment of a chemical peel takes 30 mns, we do offer LED light therapy for 30 mins after your chemical peel as an add on.

Number of treatments will depend on your skin concern. Your practioner will advise this at your skin consultation.

Light peel – No downtime

Medium peel –  Slight dryness, redness or peeling

Deep peel – Moderate peeling, redness and dryness

Anesthetic is not required.