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How much does Botox cost?

How much does Botox cost
As with most things in life, there is a wide range in the price you can expect to pay for line and wrinkle reducing injections such as Botox. Starting prices for Botox can be as little as £100 but some clinics will charge up to £450 for the same procedure. Factors that may affect the cost of Botox are the following

Number of areas

Clinics generally charge by area but some clinics may charge by the unit.

Who carries out the treatment

You have to be a qualified Doctor, Dentist or Nurse to administer Botox. You may find in some areas Doctors charge more but be careful as this is not to say that they have more experience.


Botox prices are likely to be higher in bigger cities such as Glasgow or Edinburgh. The reason for this is most likely because they have higher overheads to cover.


There may be a specific clinic or Practitioner who has a very good reputation and therefore charges more. The above are some of the factors affecting Botox prices. Be careful of cheap Botox offers as if it sounds too good to be true then it generally is. Botox is a prescription only drug and should be administered after a face to face consultation with one of the above professionals. They will take a full medical history and only after this and doing a full assessment of your face will they decide if you are suitable for Botox. It is also common practice for the Practitioner carrying out the consultation to delegate another Practitioner to do the treatment.

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